Journey to Spiritual Asia

Journey to Spiritual Asia
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Price $2,000.00

QiRecovery is offering a powerful, yet fun and fulfilling way to reinforce sobriety in your life. This program offers those in recovery a way to take QiRecovery to the next level, while taking part in a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. This is a chance to embark on a spiritual pilgrimage to Thailand and Bali, combining inner work with a chance to enjoy world renowned holistic healing facilities, four star hotels, and tap into the liberating knowledge of Buddhism, Taoism and holistic health. And finally, a chance to let go of the stresses of normal life, and to immerse yourself completely in a state of pure travel bliss and positive lifestyle.

This tour implements the Qigong Recovery process to offer a thorough chemical dependency relapse prevention model based on research in the chemical dependency literature and Dr. Randy Sugawara’s experiences counseling addicts. The theoretical basis for this program was originally developed for some of the nation’s top residential and outpatient addiction treatment programs. This is a therapeutic and educational program designed to give insight and recommended resolution to the complex issues substance abusers face daily. The agenda includes weekly process groups and one to one sessions. This 20 day recovery excursion to Spiritual Asia is limited to eight (8) participants in order to create an intimate group process and to give each traveler a chance to bond, and co-create a sacred spiritual experience. Early registration is recommended, so take advantage of the early-bird discount price of $14,995 (basic double occupancy, not including airfare). For lower priced options, and additional information about the various travel packages, please refer to the Travel Fees and Deposits and Payments sections in the brochure below.

The adventure of a lifetime!

The cost of this 20-day four star luxury recovery experience is $14,995, which includes health spa, gourmet meals, exquisite accommodations, individual sessions, sacred meetings,  a detox intensive, and organized activities, including daily yoga, tai chi and qigong. Air travel and optional upgrades and activities are not included in this price, however discounted airfare and healing services are pre-negotiated in your behalf. You can also choose to participate in a portion of the excursion at a prorated cost. Lower cost options are available: two shorter itineraries are possible. Note: It is the participant’s responsibility to provide his or her own accident and health insurance. The QiRecovery Asia Retreat is offered to clients who have completed a residential treatment at a rehabilitation facility or out patient program as a pre-requisite. Qualified clients are respectfully requested for proof of attendance. The QiRecovery Asia Retreat is offered to both clients who have completed chemical dependency treatment at a rehabilitation facility or outpatient program and other participants who may not be in recovery but would also like to partake in this unique spiritual journey. You are welcome to join us.

This is everything we plan to do, from start to finish. Activities are not guaranteed, subject to change. Early bird discount will not be extended under any circumstances.  Register with your deposit now.

Download the beautiful booklet to read more and see more photos - 4MB pdf

8/20 to 9/20/15 Booking for low fare airfare rates.

10/1/2015 Be sure to book your primary airline ticket (estimating economy fare of $1500 for coach) Airfare not included

11/5/2015 Final confirmations and itinerary issued

12/15/2015 Participants arrive in Bangkok, Thailand for overnight transfer day

12/16 to 12/22/2015 Detox Week at Tao Garden: Transform your health with a deep general detox comprising of fasting, colonics, herbs, qigong and exercise – which combine to activate and repair all of the body’s natural eliminative and restorative processes. It is possible to lose 10-15 lbs in a single week. Basic detox program is included in pricing.

12/19 to 12/20/2015 QiRecovery Theory and Practice: Lectures by Master Mantak Chia and Dr. Randy Sugawara Workshop included in pricing.

12/21/2015 Free day: Optional group activity included in pricing

12/22/2015 Excursion departs for Phuket and Bangkok

12/22 to 12/28/2015 2 nights in Phuket | 4 nights in Bangkok After departing Chiangmai, we spend three days on a beach in Phuket and three days in Bangkok. In Bangkok, we stay in an all suites executive class hotel, and in Phuket, you stay in a luxury villa. Upgrades into villas with private pools are available with an upgrade fee. During this leg of the journey, most but not all meals are provided.

12/28/2015 Excursion departs for Bali 12/28/15 to 1/3/2016 Mystical heart of Bali In Bali, we seek to discover the mystical heart of the island. Here stunning beauty and profound spirituality blend to create harmony, health, and well-being. Includes private ceremonies at ancient holy temples of Bali and at the ancient healing springs of Tirta Empul. During this leg of the journey, most but not all meals are provided.

1/3/2016 Main party returns to America, with an overnight transfer day in Bangkok

Pricing, Terms & Cancellation Policy

This will be a four star spiritual travel experience, replete with experiences at both raw/vegan and gourmet restaurants, in both first class hotels and unique accommodations. You will have a chance to study directly with spiritual teachers, as well as immerse yourself in the local cultures…all in the company of beautiful spiritual co-travelers.

The QiRecovery Retreat in Asia offers a personal detox cleanse, Chi Nei Tsang massages, chelating, fasting, liver flush, healing spa, qigong/tai chi, group processes, one-one counseling, and Tao lectures by Master Mantak Chia.

In addition, the spiritual tour offers benefits where you will learn how to slow down the aging process, gain renewed physical vitality, calm the body, quiet the mental chatter, recharge your life force energy, and add deeper spiritual experiences in your recovery process.


Multiple packages provide you with flexible travel feees, to make the trip affordable for any budget, please refer to the PDF excursion brochure for details. Basic Double-Occupancy is the most economical of the venues. For the comfort minded, we offer pre-negotiated Upgrade Luxury Single packages for business class travel, room upgrades and optional holistic treatments. Private villas require an upgrade. Your travel excursion into Spiritual Asia begins on arrival in Bangkok on December 15, 2014. You depart from Bali on January 3, 2016.  Register with your deposit now.


The QiRecovery Retreat is accepting reservations for up to 8 participants only. Due to the popularity of this tour, early sign-up is strongly recommended.

Prices will increase shortly, so book soon! Again, this is exclusive of all inter and intra country airfare, which you must purchase within 90 days before departure. Our tour agents will assist booking your flights within Thailand and to Bali.

Note: The tour is not responsible for any incidental, consequential, or secondary issues arising from the Tao Garden & Spa treatments. Please review the health program materials from the Tao Garden directly at:

Fees listed include Dr. Sugawara’s daily group facilitations and weekly one-one private sessions.


To make reservations please
Register with your deposit now.

or email:
Dr. Randy Sugawara
Subject: Spiritual Asia
Phone: 510.653.4808


Acceptable Forms of Payment
A deposit of $2000 per booking must be paid at the time of booking. Credit cards accepted: American Express®, MasterCard®, Discover® Card and Visa®. For final payment we also accept personal checks, money orders and cashiers checks. Payments must be made in USD$. Reservations booked within 45 days must be paid with a credit card. The payment of your deposit constitutes an acceptance of those terms and conditions and your acknowledgment that you will be bound by the cancellation fee charges.


45 day cancellation with Full Refund 44 - 10 days subject to 20% booking fee. 10-3 days subject to 50% booking fee, plus any additional fees imposed by hotel, airline and/or other parties. Since hotels and other amenities are often prepaid to insure availability, there are no cancellations or refunds allowed, once within a 72 hour window of the excursion start date.


It is strongly recommended that, at the time of booking, you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy of your choice. We suggest that the policy should include, but not be limited to the following features: Loss of deposit through cancellation, personal baggage, loss of money, medical expenses, additional expenses to cover hotel accommodation and repatriation costs to your country of origin should the tour or holiday need to be extended or curtailed due to illness while overseas, or due to the need to return to your country because of unexpected death or illness of a close relative.


Passengers should familiarize themselves with any and all health or visa requirements that may be applicable in the areas they intend visiting. They shall be responsible for all exit, entry, health and other documents required by laws, regulations, orders, demands or requirements of the countries visited or transited. Each person shall carry a valid passport at all times. Kindly note that passport and visa requirements are not our responsibility or that of your Travel Agent and we are not liable for any loss or expense due to a passenger‘s failure to comply with the above or any statutory requirement made in any country whatsoever.


We reserve the right to correct any errors in rates quoted or calculated for any service, notwithstanding that the invoice may have been paid in full. It is the responsibility of the Travel Agent to ensure all invoice details are correct and that the client acknowledges all cancellation conditions.

Bon Voyage! Let’s do it! Let's go to Thailand and Bali!

It is our goal to make this a memorable and pleasurable journey to be remembered for a long time.